Outstanding solutions with one eye on the big picture

We assist and support companies and private individuals with a comprehensive range of tax and legal consultancy and auditing services. Depending on the client’s needs, we can offer specialist services or complete one-stop service packages.

Premium-quality consultancy solutions 

Top-quality consultancy solutions call for a practical combination of expertise and services in the various fields involved. Our broad spectrum of services meets our client’s needs, aided by exceptional specialist expertise and a constant desire to exceed expectations.

A flexible portfolio of services to meet all requirements 

Depending on their particular wishes and requirements, clients will find a high-quality range of consultancy and auditing services in our portfolio – flexibly structured and ranging from tried and tested service products, specialised individual services and specialist overall care through to comprehensive integrated and interconnected solutions. 

Process design to meet your requirements 

We don’t follow a standardised consultancy concept. Instead, our consultancy teams base their work on the specific job in hand, which also forms the basis for all the work processes and services provided – from consultations with specialists through to the use of multidisciplinary teams for major assignments with complex requirements. In short, we keep things individual and flexible, working to meet the wishes of each individual client.

10 principles for reliable consultancy

For optimised problem-solving in today’s increasingly complex economic circumstances, modern tax consultancy calls for an intelligent, integrated approach. It is vital that we identify interdisciplinary correlations, interlink fields of knowledge in a meaningful fashion and think outside the box if we are to grasp problems in their entirety and proceed to a long-term, integrated form of tax planning.

We combine a broad range of both specialist expertise and proven special competencies under one roof, and we continue to work actively to expand and enhance our excellence. And with swift access available to our large, up-to-date collection of literature and the very latest databases, we’re always up to speed with the latest knowledge and findings.

One essential feature of our practice is the multiple qualifications of our experts. Each of our partners has been trained in at least two – and sometimes as many as four – specialist skills connected with tax consultancy, our core competency. As such, they are all, by nature, geared towards multiple disciplines.

With extensive expertise in international taxation we are extremely well qualified to provide consultancy services relating to cross-border taxation issues. As an internationally oriented practice, we are a long-standing independent member of Morison KSi, a worldwide association of independent auditors, tax advisors, lawyers and management consultants, giving us access to an extensive pool of knowledge courtesy of experts from Germany and from more than 80 major countries throughout the world.

Our goal is to support our clients with forward-looking solutions. As such, our far-sighted consultancy services are followed up by down-to-earth solutions designed to suit small and medium-sized businesses. Our analyses and recommendations are geared towards the long term, opening up fresh opportunities and prospects.

We get to the point quickly. “Keep it simple” is our motto: we provide clear information and readily comprehensible recommendations, thus taking the pressure off our clients. Efficiency and simplification are among our essential working principles.

We’re passionate about a lot more than just numbers and legal texts. First and foremost, we see ourselves as problem-solvers. As such, we approach every assignment with total commitment, employing creative brainstorming to generate sustainable solutions. With dedication and ingenuity, our consultants devote themselves to furthering the client’s interests.

The majority of our clients come from the same region – which means that we speak their language and have a detailed understanding of their environment. Our deep roots in Freiburg i.Br. – an economic hub conveniently situated near Germany’s borders with France and Switzerland – promote closeness and trust between ourselves and our clients, as well as giving us an in-depth understanding of the region’s special features and official structures.

We have collected considerable experience as an integrated tax consultancy, amounting to decades’ worth of wide-ranging expertise – an asset we draw on constantly in our consultancy services, and one we’re happy to pass on to our clients in the form of effective results.

One of our key hallmarks is a combination of reliability and diligence. From meticulous client support, proven results and double-verified quality control to swift performance in accordance with the agreed schedules, we do whatever it takes to provide our clients with a consultancy service they can rely on.