Welcome to RIEDLINGER!

Integrated Tax Consultancy since 1951

We are a partner-run practice in Freiburg, offering our clients the security of premium consultancy in all tax-related matters, and thus contributing to their business success. We provide sustainable, quality solutions based on outstanding expertise and an integrated approach. So our clients know they can count on us for first-rate advice.

Integrated tax-related services

Our cross-disciplinary team of expert tax advisors, lawyers and auditors enables us to provide integrated, one-stop services. This makes us one of the top consultancy firms in our region in terms of tax-related matters – no matter what your requirements. 

Top-quality consultancy for individual needs

We focus on the requirements of our various clients, offering a broad portfolio of services to meet their individual needs. Our clients receive flexible consultancy services – from simple tax returns to integrated, tailor-made solutions. One thing we’ll never compromise is the quality of our consultancy services. After all, reliable consultancy can only be achieved through excellence, specialised expertise and meticulous execution.

Our personal commitment to our clients

Tax consultancy is based on trust. And that, we firmly believe, calls for personal loyalty and commitment. Because we think of ourselves as our clients’ partners, we apply clear ethical standards to our consultancy services, with the emphasis firmly on the client’s interests. That explains why we have so many long-standing client relationships: our confidential, personal, reliable consultancy services are delivered on an equal footing with our clients – something they value.

“When it comes to taxes, companies, just like private individuals, want to feel confident about the advice they receive.That is why the key dictum of our integrated tax consultancy services is to provide solutions our clients can always rely on.”

“Each client is unique. That’s why we don’t deal in off-the-peg concepts, but in individual consultancy services, specially tailored to meet the specific requirements of the client, from tried and tested consultancy products to complete, tailor-made solutions.”

“Together with our expertise in a variety of specialist fields, our strength as an integrated tax consultancy derives from our ability to keep our eye on the big picture. This enables us to develop viable overall solutions and sustainable answers to a broad range of challenges.”

“Outstanding, premium quality consultancy – that’s our credo. Which is why each and every client gets the full benefit of our specialist services and our creative problem-solving skills, executed by painstaking precision.”

“Our mission as consultants is based on integrity and ethical principles such as honesty, transparency and independence. That’s why we’ve enjoyed the trust and confidence of our clients for many years.”

“Not only do we have long-standing roots in Freiburg, they also run deep – the majority of our clients come from the region, and we speak their language. Reliable consultancy services, personal dialogue and commitment – these are the cornerstones of our trusting relationships with our clients.”