A long tradition of integrated consultancy

A pioneer in interdisciplinary consultancy

We have a tradition of combining tax as our core competency with a mission as a consultancy that keeps its eye on the big picture. Right from the start Gustav Riedlinger, our founder, knew that a classical consultancy service based purely and simply on tax returns and declarations would no longer be enough to meet the expanding requirements of clients. He rose to the challenge by developing the concept of interdisciplinary consultancy, and in 1951 he started a tax consultancy in Freiburg i.Br., thus laying the foundation for a practice that would, in time, come to embrace the full range of consultancy and client support in all tax-related matters. 

From interdisciplinary tax consultancy to integrated tax consultancy

The practice continued to pursue the concept of interdisciplinary consultancy. In 1976 Gustav Riedlinger’s son, Dr. Raoul Riedlinger, a lawyer, joined his father. The practice was now a partnership, and in the years that followed, Dr. Raoul Riedlinger went on to qualify first as a certified tax advisor, then as an auditor, thus setting high standards in terms of a first-rate multidisciplinary orientation. The structure and specialist expertise of the practice were constantly expanded, allowing clients to benefit from an integrated consultancy service dealing with all tax-related issues. 

Our commitment to tradition

Today, our partner-run practice is one of the region’s leading tax practices, and continues to adhere to its founder’s principles, providing comprehensive, integrated consultancy services of an uncompromising quality on a personal, individual basis. Hardly surprising, then, that we have been servicing more than a few of our clients for decades, and growing alongside them.